I have wandered around the slopes of Cwmffynnon and Moel Berfedd, Snowdonia, many times over the past twenty five years. The slopes are dotted with boulders deposited by retreating Ice Age glaciers 10,000 years ago. I see it as a kind of sculpture garden and have given a number of the boulders names.

There’s a path to the lake via a little gate by the side of the hostel at Pen-y-Pass.
Sunrise over Cwmffynnon from Crib Goch, with the eastern Glyderau (left) and Moel Siabod (right) in the background. The patch of water towards the horizon on the right is Llynau Mymbyr.
The gateway to the mountainside.
The Carp, with Crib Goch behind.
The Whale (with a tail).
The Jumble.
The Elephant Hide Rock.
The Tripartate Stone – Llyn Cwnffynnon side.
The Tripartate Stone – Pen-y-Pass side.
The Bison.
The Laughing Whale.
The Ball of Twine.
The Row. After having stood there for something like 10,000 years, the central stone of this little collection fell (or was it pushed?) sometime between my visits in 2015 and 2018 and is now broken in two.
The Quadripartate Stone.
The Brioche. (It just reminds me of those little chocolate brioche rolls that I’ve bought many times at the local petrol station.)
Wave Rock.
The Sliding Stone.
The (broken) Bowling Ball.
Adam and Eve.
The Perched Stone.
The Eye – a feature in the wall of an old shepherding enclosure.
The Perched Pyramid. It also reminds me of the Sphinx.
The Island.
The Bench.
The Hammer.
The Waterfall. There’s a video HERE.
The summit of Moel Berfedd. The collection of lichens at the very highest point has barely changed in the few years I’ve been photographing them.
The Cave.
The view from inside The Cave. The main peak to the left is Crib Goch, with Snowdon just visible to the left (it appears lower, but is actually 532 feet higher).
Llyn Cwmffynnon.
Llyn Cwmffynnon with the Cwmffynnon valley beyond. Mole Berfedd is the hill on the right, with Moel Siabod in the centre at the back. The hills of the Glyderau range are out-of-picture to the left.

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