First, don’t worry, I’m only going to blog on the first of each month, not a daily update. Anyone can follow my Strava page if they’re interested seeing what I’m up to day-to-day.

I have an ambition to run long distances, but it is definately something in my head, a fantasy, not reality. I have been going out reasonably regularly, but my furthest distance so far is a miserly 673m, or four-tenths of a mile. So definately not an ultra-athelete yet!

Draycote Water.

Very much an act of faith, getting out. It is a struggle. My running feels lumpy, laboured and unsustainable. Progress in terms of distance has been negligable. A few years ago I tried a bit of running, getting up to eight miles in continuous runs in just three months from memory, but stopped after developed a painful lump on the bottom of my left foot. After a couple of weeks went for a scan and was told, “It’s a cyst, a little fluid filled sac. Harmlesss. Funny place to get one! You could have it chopped out if you want to, but it probably wouldn’t be worth the trouble. It’ll probably disappear eventually.” It hasn’t, but I rarely notice it now.

Boddington Reservoir.

Back to the plot. I have been running every other day, with occasionally two days off, but I’ve decided I’m being too gentle on myself. I know it would be a mistake to over do things, but I need the stimulus of seeing and feeling progress. After doing nothing practical all day, will go out – a couple of evening miles walking and running somwhere. There! I’ve written it and posted it. I’ll have to do it now!

Oh, and down to one FKT (Fastest Known Time). Technically still hold two, the Knightly Way double and, the Harry Green Way male FKT, although I’m happy to say someone else, one Sue Harrison, has done a proper time of just over five hours. I took 8½ hours, walking. OK, it isn’t about being the fastest, it’s about the journey getting (or not) there – but it’s was nice to be first for a while, even if it was because I was the only one to have recorded a time on the FKT web site!

Maybe next year I’ll run 100K. For now I’ll be happy with 1K, and I’m two-thirds of the way there.

Draycote Water.

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