► FKT!

A few days ago I walked around the Harry Green Way. I then discovered it is listed on the Fastest Know Time web site, so I uploaded my time and supporting GPX and Strava data. It was accepted, being the first submitted time for the route, so in spite of my very pedestrian pace, I find myself the holder of the FKT!

I see from web searches that many others have run the route and completed it in a very much quicker time than myself. They just aren’t aware of or aren’t interested in putting their achievement online. Still, kind of cool being listed on the web site alongside the likes of Damian Hall and Heather Anderson. Wonder how long it’ll last.

Have very recently acquired a Strava account and one of those fancy watches that measures heartbeats, blood oxygen levels and so on, everything linking up with apps on the phone, and am finding it all enjoyably addictive. Looking forward to getting out regularly to see what else I can achieve.

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